Supplemental Travel Insurance

Do you need a vacation? Pandemic restrictions are coming to an end and the travel rate is rapidly returning to normal. Will you be part of the pack? 

Supplemental Travel Insurance makes leaving home easier and safer than ever. Travel comfortably knowing you and your loved ones are protected from any unforeseen occurrences and/or expenses. 

Unforeseen Occurrences/Expenses 
  • Illnesses/Injuries
  • Foreign Hospitals
  • Emergency Airlifts
  • Early Returns
  • Postponed/Cancelled Flights
  • Lost Luggage

In order to qualify for the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion waiver and/or  purchase a Cancel For Any Reason (CRAR) policy, you must purchase insurance immediately after booking a vacation. Other things you should know before purchasing a plan include:

  • Many destinations now require Travel Insurance in order to book a trip
  • Most Health Insurance policies are extremely limited overseas and out-of-state, so don’t assume your plan has enough coverage 
  • You get what you pay for: Cheaper plans may appeal to your budget, but often leave out desirable benefits in the fine print.

Travel Insurance is complex, however, it is one of the many lines of coverage that can easily be added to your personal line of coverage. Read more about BMPG’s Voluntary Benefits offerings, or get a recommendation from a travel insurance expert.