How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in Uncertain Times

The way people work has changed drastically in the past few months. Due to the ongoing pandemic, people have been forced to work from home, online, and not interact with one another in person. This has changed the way workplaces do business. 

Due to the pandemic, many employers have decided to reduce salaries and cut down funding that has been taking a toll on the employees’ performance and mental health. Employees are now expected to be online and provide work online. 

This has led to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as well as helplessness in many. This is also because there is so much uncertainty during this time. We have written down below a couple ways you can motivate your employees to deliver their best performance and keep their work going on as usual: 

  • Leadership communication

In this pandemic, it is time for the leaders to step up. Because of the uncertainty that the situation brings about and the fact that no one has any direction, the leaders need to step up and take responsibility. The way they communicate with their team, motivate them, and lead, will be directly proportional to the amount of productivity you will receive. They need to provide direction to their employees to elicit a positive response. 

  •  Creativity

In such a situation, where nothing is uncertain and everything is novel, creativity and flexibility should be used very often. Finding new solutions to new problems is the way to go. If you expect that the old solutions will fit the new problems, then that won’t work and employees will be further demotivated. This is why we believe now is the time to let your employees show their creativity and, you as an employer, should give them space to work and show flexibility for the best possible results.