How to Improve Worker Participation

Most insurers have a minimum participation requirement of 75% in order for the organization to actually participate in a healthcare plan. However, according to a Gallup poll, in reality only 24% of employees in the workforce utilize the health and wellness programs offered by their companies. If you are worried about meeting your participation requirement or feel you have room to improve, it is not too late. There are a variety of steps you can take to increase participation as well as employee engagement overall. Try these methods to impact your employees’ satisfaction and loyalty.


Highlight Benefits Often

Employees have a lot on their plate, from dealing with daily tasks to managing important deadlines, so it’s easy for them to forget to make time for their own health and wellness. As an employer, it is your job to remind them of the wellness opportunities you have made available to them and how it can be beneficial to their lives, inside and outside of the office. In short, one of the main reasons employees fail to participate in their employee-sponsored benefits package is because they simply don’t know what it consists of. Even the most comprehensive packages will not sell themselves. A simple way to increase worker participation is to highlight benefits frequently in various formats to keep your information relevant and familiar. Acknowledge, thank, and positively reinforce those who do participate in the program to improve company culture.


Encourage Staff to Set Goals

Encouraging staff to set goals can be a differential motivator for lasting change. Advise employees to set goals in their personal and professional lives so they can clearly map out what is most important to them. Remind employees that the one thing they will need on their side to achieve these goals is time. Despite their age or health condition, employees will need to take ownership over their health in order to see goals come to life for themselves and their families. Collaborate on ways you can best support their goals and be sure to praise them once they reach personal milestones.


Promote Health In The Office

Creating a positive and healthy environment within the workplace starts at the top of the chain of command. Implementing small changes throughout the office can help change your employees’ mindset around making healthy choices in general. You can start by offering more nutritious snacks at company meetings and providing filtered water stations throughout the building. You can even introduce some friendly competition like a water intake or steps challenge to get people motivated as they track their goals and celebrate successes. Getting everyone on board in an activity like this should excite them to take advantage of further health offerings.

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