Finding Balance

With the costs associated with health insurance increasing over time, employers have looked to wellness programs to fight burnout, low productivity, and many other workplace challenges before they manifest into health problems. Most adults spend most of their time at work, so promoting health and wellness within the office can have a larger effect on their lives overall. Employee health is also the driving factor of any successful business. Since lost productivity can significantly impact the financial results of a company, it is crucial for employers to create robust benefit packages and offerings that include wellness plans, paid time off, and more. Continue reading for more effects a healthy work culture can have on your business.


Benefits of a Healthy Workforce

Maintaining a healthy workforce not only benefits employees, but also business owners and C-level executives as well. Companies who wish to create a positive and productive work environment should . When employees feel their best, then they will perform their best and encourage those around them to do the same. Having a healthy workforce reduces absenteeism, illnesses, and workplace accidents. Employees will feel motivated to work harder and perform better for a company who cares about them, reducing fatigue and burnout. Overall, creating a healthy work culture can greatly impact employee productivity.

One thing business owners need to be weary of is employee retention and turnover. When an employee leaves, there are costs associated with the work they left behind and finding a new hire. Replacing and retraining employees can be challenging for businesses in fast-paced or client-facing industries. It can even take a long time to find a suitable candidate. By creating an engaged workforce with employees who enjoy their jobs, business owners can reduce turnover and hold onto their best performing employees. 

While the upfront costs of benefits may seem intimidating, the plan’s effectiveness can prevent substantial health concerns that affect revenue and morale. Most CFOs in charge of their company’s benefits plans would prefer to keep their employees happy and healthy instead of skimping on benefits costs. Unhealthy employees can end up costing you more in the long run. Offering extensive benefits plans can actually minimize overall business costs in addition to skyrocketing productivity and satisfaction.


How to Effect Employee Health

Encourage Fitness and Nutrition 

Good physical health has an incredible effect on employee productivity, mood, and costs. Initiatives like onsite fitness centers, workplace challenges, or nutrition coaching can motivate your team members to remain active and reach their fitness goals. Encouraging a healthy, balanced diet too. At meetings and events, choose healthy food options, provide water stations, and encourage a positive outlook on healthy eating.


Support Mental Health 

Mental wellness is just as important as physical fitness, if not more. Employees who are mentally well are more likely to remain positive and engaged in the workplace. They are also able to handle stress and adjust to changes with ease. Offering mental health programs supports employees when they need it, but there are other steps you can take to support mental wellbeing inside of the workplace. In your office, be sure to provide access to natural light, employee break areas, and human resource support teams. 


Take a Holistic Approach

Health is not defined by just one aspect of life. In order to provide the most effective wellbeing programs, you must provide resources for all areas of life. A robust set of offerings addresses physical, mental, financial, and social health, ensuring employees have the right access when they need it. 


Benefits For Your Business

Overall, it has been proven that creating a balanced, healthy workplace has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and business ROI. Implementing holistic employee health and wellbeing initiatives can improve company culture and help you retain your valued employees. Providing value to your employees should be a top priority for building a successful, long lasting business. At Benchmark Planning Group, we have worked hard to create an extremely healthy and productive environment within our own company, and have the experience to bring the same balance to yours. Request a call today to find out about our customizable employee benefits offerings.