Fall Tips

Fall Fitness Tips

Don’t fall back into old routines this season. The Benchmark team has some great Fall Fitness tips to keep you healthy all year long!

Get Vitamin D 

Even though Summer is the most exciting season to be by the Jersey Shore, locals know and love the feeling of peacefully walking on an empty beach. In addition to strolling the boardwalk, some of the activities our BMPG team continues into Fall to stay active are: 

  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Bike Riding
  • Jogging


Despite cooler temperatures, sunlight still has incredible benefits for your body. It is important to get outside and stay connected to nature to maintain mental and physical well-being. Exposure to sunlight is known to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, improve sleep, and more!

Stay Active Indoors

As we approach more frigid weather, your motivation to get outside may dwindle. Even if you can’t get outside for the day, exercise or activity indoors is highly recommended. Fall is a great time to pick up new classes at the gym or head to the indoor pool for some laps.


At the very least, light housework or stretching can suffice in a pinch. Remember, all you need is 20-30 minutes a day to fit in a quick workout!

Eat Local

The best way to stay fit is by carefully choosing the nutrients that fuel your body. One of our absolute favorite Fall activities is buying seasonal, fresh produce from local Farmers markets. Fresh Markets (previously Asbury Fresh) is the largest farmers market in the region and operates weekly events in Asbury Park, Red Bank, and Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ.


Buying local produce benefits you, the environment, and family-owned farms. Look for the Jersey Fresh logo whenever you shop for fruits & vegetables, milk & cheese, etc. Jersey Fresh also details NJ’s Seasonality Chart and weekly availability for your convenience.

Reward Yourself

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance. When beginning a new routine, set realistic goals and reward yourself accordingly. Too much too soon can lead to burnout and potential injury, which can set you back farther from where you began.


Choose a reward that will keep you motivated enough to stick to your routine long-term. This can be a weekly treat, relaxing vacation, or luxurious shopping spree. The key to living a happy, healthy life, is to keep things fun!


Better yet, oftentimes your medical insurance carrier may have a program designed to help motivate employees to get and stay active. It promotes regular exercise and rewards participants with cash incentives.


These are the tried and true fitness tips that our team believes in. We always suggest seeking guidance from experts before making significant changes to your diet or fitness routine. Looking for more ways to encourage your employees to remain healthy and fit? Discuss creative solutions with Benchmark Planning Group in time for Open Enrollment.